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Qi Gong

Qi Gong is an ancient Chinese practice: its roots can be traced back millennia. During the course of history its philosophy has been integrated, adapted and further developed into different styles by Chinese medicine, Taoist practice, Buddhist practice as well as Chinese martial arts.

Qi Gong’s goal is to cultivate, conserve and strengthen the qi, the vital energy that is part of every living being. Slow, conscious, flowing movements or introspective meditative practice are used to promote the circulation of qi in the body. The silence, peace of mind and deep relaxation during the exercises creates a space for the body to activate its potential for self-healing. Blood circulation is enhanced, immunity strengthened, vitality and concentration are improved and help keep the body healthy and the mind peaceful.

In the workshops we learn simple slow conscious movements and spend some time in silent mediation working on relaxation, concentration and guiding the Qi on interior paths.

The day long workshops in the beautiful alpine scenery of La Giette are open for people of all age groups who would like to spend some time listening to themselves, be close to nature and deepen their practice. If the weather is good we will do some exercises outside. Another part of the day will be dedicated to silent meditation inside.


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