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Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a meditative choreography of subtle, flowing movements. The practice of Tai Chi is a wonderful method to maintain health and enhance your mobility while striving for a harmony between man and the surrounding universe.
I learned the Tai Chi of “Living Tao”, a southern village style of Tai Chi assembled and taught by Chungliang Al Huang who learned Tai Chi in his early childhood and worked and performed as a dancer. One of my Tai Chi teachers, Ursula de Almeida-Goldfarb had also been a dancer as well as a Tai Chi and Qi Gong teacher. And me, finally, I was trained in Butoh, a Japanese avant-garde dance form, before learning Tai Chi. After three generations of dancers, I am sure that the Tai Chi I am teaching has kept a slight reminiscence of dance in the way I am living it, feeling it and teaching it, without being superficial, decorative or external, but in the deep joy of an honest movement.

Weekly courses in Sion: