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Welcome to La Giette

We are a small farm high up in the mountains dedicated to raising and training yaks. This Himalayan mountain cattle - lightweight, robust and at ease in steep slopes - is the perfect animal for us.

We enjoy working with our yaks and continually strive to deepen the understanding of the yak. We are the only farm in Switzerland to propose trekking with our yak steers. Yak trekking is a unique adventure from another time. Although it can be tough when the weather take a turn for the worse, it is also full of magic - a truly serene feeling to walk behind a troupe of loaded yaks in the breath taking scenery of the Swiss Alps.

In 2011 we crossed the Alps with our yaks! Find more details here.

In addition to farming we work as artisans. During the summer months the yak stable is transformed into a gallery where you can contemplate and buy our objects made of wood, clay, felt and weaving.

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