Rosula Blanc | La Giette - CH 1984 Les Haudères
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Our house

We transformed a small old barn into our living quarters over three years by working weekends and using our free time to renovate the building. We enjoyed doing all the work ourselves and creating from the region’s natural materials: stone and wood.

In the past there was a « péyo » on the hill beside our barn, but it burned down in the 1950ies. When we bought the lot, the debris and the foundation of the old house were still there and you can still recognize part of the foundation in the dry stone wall on top of the rock.

At la Giette the smooth, round rock, polished by the glaciers thousands of years ago, emerges everywhere from the land (even in the gardens and cellars of the houses), like the backs of big whales from the sea. That’s why our farm is called « Yak shu lo ché » which in the local dialect means « Yaks on the rocks ». You can often observe our yaks napping on the warm flat rocks in the middle of the pastures.

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