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AdressYak shu lo ché
Rosula Blanc
La Giette
CH 1984 Les Haudères
Phone+41(0)79 522 77 70

Rosula Blanc

Born in 1970 in Basel she grew up in an environment that valued the arts and crafts. She spent five years in Japan studying with the Tokyo based Butoh Company Tomoe Shizune & Hakutobo as a dancer and scenographer. She received a Master of Arts in Scenography from the Laban Center London. In 2003 she was assistant to the wood-firing UK potter Douglas Phillips. She trained Qi Gong and Tai Chi with Living Tao and Master Li Zhi Zhang for more than ten years.

“I always loved animals, gardening and mountain nature.  As a youngster, before leaving for Japan, I spent most of my free time with horses or helping on farms.

As a child, when you asked me what I wanted to be, I always answered: farmer. Now at almost 40 years of age and many exciting and instructive detours later, I am finally a farmer!  I hope to bring all these experiences I was allowed to have into the creative running of our small farm and the work with the animals and humans here. “

André Georges

André Georges is a Swiss mountain guide well known for more than 60 first ascents in the Alps, the Himalayas and in the Antarctic. He climbed nine peaks of more than 8000m (

“I grew up with cows and sheep and I liked working on the farm till I was twenty. Then the mountains took me all over the world. It’s a pleasure to come back to farming now that I am over fifty; to make hay, to sharpen the scythe, to replace the tooth of the wooden rake, to sow the leather belts of the cow bells, to cut the claws of the yaks – so many gestures internalized during my childhood. And the presence of nature is so strong here at La Giette with Mt. Dent Blanche right in front of us!

When I was a kid we brought back the hay with a small cart, which we had to push and  pull together with my two sisters. In spring and autumn I was sent to help neighbouring farmers as a child herder. I spent many seasons with Jean Forclaz-Georges at les Mayens de la Coutaz. He was around 75 years old at that time and I was just ten and we cared for more than thirty cows together. Now, here at la Giette, we don’t have TV, but a rich life with our own products: meat, vegetables, potatoes and the cheese we buy with from the nearby alpine pastures. It is an active life, non-stop without Sundays, doing things we love every day.”